Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2016

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2016 Keynotes

The anticipated date and time has arrived! Registration for the 2016 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference is underway!

Bernadette Coleman and Lissa Duty, the conference organizers, are excited to invite you to this year’s Dallas based annual Social Media Day celebration. This year we are adding a third day to the conference – Local Search Day, which we will celebrate on July 1.

Keynote Presentations
  • Eric Enge, Opportunism and Being Holistic: What it Takes to Win in Digital Marketing in 2016
  • Barry Schwartz, What You Need to Know About SEO
  • Andrew Shotland, The 2016 Local SEO Ranking Factors: Reverse Engineering Google’s Local Search Algorithm
  • Greg Sterling, The Mad Mad Mad Mad Future of Local Search

June 29 will feature five pre-conference workshops and on June 30 – Social Media Day we will kick off with all the attendees gathering together in the morning for three high impact presentations! Then we’ll go into three rounds of break-outs, before coming back together to wrap up the day with three closing presentations, including a keynote address.

July 1 – Local Search Day will kick off with all the attendees gathering for the opening keynote and then two high impact presentations before we break for lunch. After lunch, we will all come back together for two more presentations. The day will close out with the Local Search Panel and closing keynote. Register Now!

Register for one day or all three! That’s up to you. Click here to meet all the speakers.

What to Expect at Rocks Digital 2016

  • 30+ Speakers and Sessions
  • Lots of Learning, Networking & Opportunity
  • Vendor Expo
  • Onsite Social Media /Local Search Day Tweetup (June 30)
  • Women Leading In Local Networking Event (June 30)

We ROCK Local, Social and Mobile and this year’s digital marketing conference is bringing much needed education, information and resources to business owners, digital marketing agencies and enterprise level service providers.

Conference, Location, Dates & Times Register Now!
Addison Conference Center: 15650 Addison Rd, Addison, Texas, TX 75001. (972) 450-6241 (Located off the North Dallas Tollway & Beltline Road) 

Wednesday, June 29 (Pre-Conference Workshops), Thursday, June 30 (Social Media Day), Friday, July 1 (Local Search Day)

Registration Opens 9:00 am | Welcome 9:45 am | Ends 6:00 pm

Onsite After-Eventa Immediately Following on June 30

Rocks Digital Marketing Speakers

Lance Bachmann | Taylor Bare | Litany Bergeron | Ruth Burr Reedy | Bernadette Coleman | David Daniels | Lissa Duty | Eric Enge | Patty Farmer | Saffie Farris | Elayna Fernandez | Caz Gaddis | Greg Gifford | Bill Hartzer | Judy Hoberman | Byron Ingraham | Beth Kahlich | Ben Killmer | Amy Kinnaird | Randy Krum | Bill Leake | Gary Leland | Neil Lemons | Justin Liles | Eve Mayer | Rachel Morgan | Robin Moss | Heather Nichols | John J. Nosal | Karen Platt | Roxanne Roark | Barry Schwartz | Andrew Shotland | Laurie Shook | Erin Smith | Tanya Smith | John Sparks | Heather Steele | Greg Sterling | Mike Stewart | Brian Sullivan | Mitch Todd | Mark Traphagen | DeAndre Upshaw | Jeff Whitfield | A.J. Wood | Joe Youngblood

Haven’t attended before? Tour the Conference Archives 2013, 20142015 and the Local Search & Social 2014 and 2015.

Questions? Email Lissa or complete the Contact form. Contacting us implies NO commitment – it just gets your questions answered!

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference FAQs 

What makes the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference different? The community and conversations between speakers and attendees don’t stop when the day ends. Friendships and alliances are formed that go well beyond the conference center walls but will continue to after-events, social media conversations, emails and phone calls. Each year prior attendees eagerly register and await the day for this digital reunion. Many have coined the conference as “a family reunion of their online world” in Dallas, Texas for two days.

Is this a local or national conference? Rocks Digital is a national conference at affordable prices. We attract attendees and speakers from opposite ends of the U.S. from California to Florida, North Dakota to Texas and from Oregon to New Jersey. International representation includes Mexico and Edinburgh, the U.K. You will meet people who have traveled far and wide to attend, speak and learn from the best in the industry.

Who are the speakers? Local and nationally recognized award-winning speakers that have presented at conferences around the U.S., including PubCon, SxSW, Social Media Marketing World and more.

Who should attend Rocks Digital? Business owners, web designers, social media strategists, SEO authorities, lawyers, doctors, coaches and more.

When do I need to register? The EARLIER you REGISTER the MORE you will SAVE! The amount you save is up to you.

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