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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference (formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference and the Local Social). The 2015 conference registration has opened and on June 29 & June 30 we will ROCK digital marketing like it has never been done before.

Join us along with 300+ attendees for the 2015 conference, which will focus on Content, Search, Social, Local and Biz Development. Register NOW / Learn More!

A sampling of the event includes 30+ speakers and 30+ sessions, with keynote addresses, expert presentations, Rock Talks, the Rock Your Digital Marketing Q & A Panel and Vendor Expo. Some of the conference “After” events includes the Speaker-Author Book Signing and Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup.

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In the news…Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal To Keynote in Dallas at 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference
February 17
Rocks Digital 2015 News

Rocks Digital is growing leaps and bounds and with this excitement, I am proud and humbled to announce Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal as keynote speaker at the 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference.

Loren Baker, Keynote Digital Marketing Speaker
February 17
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Meet Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal, and hear him present his keynote "ROCK with Google: Integrated Content, Search, Social and Local Strategies for Branding' at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in June of 2015.

In the news … Texas Takes Digital Marketing by Storm at Rocks Digital 2015
February 13
Rocks Digital 2015 News

TODAY In the news it is announced that Bernadette Coleman and Lissa Duty have officially opened registration of the 2015 Rocks Digital Marketing Conference. To celebrate they are extending an savings of $175 off Early Registration. Read WHY you need to REGISTER and HOW.

Kiss Your Prospects: 7 Steps to Writing Inviting Content
February 24

Writing inviting content that is compelling and converts prospects to clicks and customers is key. I am going to motivate the copywriter within you to with 7 Steps to Writing Inviting Content.

Inspire Your Creative Genius: Crank Out Content Like a Pro
February 03

Ever suffer from “writer’s block?” You know that terrible feeling when you sit in front of a blank page and try to create content that is wonderful, compelling and worthy of a reader’s time? 5 Tips to Create Content When You Don’t Feel Like Creating

Your Editorial Content Calendar How-To: The Key to Marketing Success
January 13

The marketing department tells you that your company needs a blog, Facebook and Twitter. This all sounds great, but who will create this fabulous content and how will you keep it organized? Read Your Editorial Content Calendar How-To.

Link Building Strategies to Increase Search Rankings
February 19

Local businesses need to get noticed by their customers to survive and thrive in the competitive business market. One way to do this is through active and passive link building to increase your search engine rankings. Learn WHY and HOW.

The Low Tech Guide to SEO for the Technically Challenged
February 12

Created with the technically challenged in mind, here's a low-tech guide to SEO for increasing your website effectiveness and improve your website rankings on search engines.

SEO Overkill…Don’t Do it!
January 30

This article is about SEO. SEO is so important to any website and you really should make sure your SEO is effective and that your SEO is also appropriate to your company in order to gain proper SEO. Was that SEO overkill? YES! Read 4 Simple Steps to Avoid SEO Overkill.

The 1.2.3s for Launching Your Facebook Ad Campaign
February 27

Are you looking for new ways to reach potential customers online? Stop being afraid of Facebook Ad campaigns! These simple steps will get you up and running in no time no matter how small your budget might be.

Superfy Your Social Media with Automation Tools
February 20

Social media marketing can be super time consuming. Design a social media strategy that includes a social media automation focal point and set your social media strategy up for success. Learn HOW.

Get Real-Time Results with Twitter for Business
February 18

Are Your Tweets Real-Time Ready for Google? Using Twitter for business has always been a powerful digital marketing strategy, but even more so now. Learn WHY and HOW to get real-time results in this blog post.

Understanding WordPress Pages and Posts: What’s the Difference
February 26

When it comes to building a website using WordPress pages and posts make perfect sense, but what is the difference and which is better for SEO.

Beginners Tips for a Successful Google AdWords Campaign
February 05

Integrating a Google AdWords Campaign as part of your local SEO strategy can be quite useful, and when used properly, can result in financial gain for your local business. AdWords might seem hard to use for the beginner, but by engaging in the following practices, you're more likely to find success.

10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins & Why
January 05

Since being founded in 2003, WordPress.org has risen to be the number one self-hosting tool for blogs and websites. Template WordPress themes take very little effort to set up, but there are a myriad WordPress plugins to choose from. These 10 most popular WordPress Plugins will get you on your way to success.

Biz Tip #1: How to Turn Your Rolodex into CASH $$$
February 25
Business Development

In the modern era, the Rolodex has been reduced to little more than an electronic repository for business cards. Learn HOW to turn your ROLODEX into CASH!

Fall in Love with Monday: Time Management Tips for a Productive Week
February 16
Business Development

Pretty much everyone has, at some point, had “a case of the Mondays”! Try out these time management tips and turn Monday into your favorite day of the week.

Setting Up for Sales Success in a Busy World
February 10
Business Development

What Is The Right Amount of Time To Spend On Sales Each Day? Anyone who owns a business understands how important sales are to the success of their business. Learn how to set up yourself and your team for sales success.