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What Your PPC Campaign Might Be Missing
November 13
Local Search and SEO

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is an important part of your digital marketing plan. And there is way more to an effective PPC campaign beyond set it and forget it! Explore 3 important things that might be missing.

How To Write Meta Descriptions And Why It’s Important
November 05
Local Search and SEO

Are you one of the many that think meta descriptions are not important for SEO? It’s time you rethink that. While Google claims it has no affect on placement in search results, the fact is meta descriptions have a bigger impact than you may realize. Learn that right now!

Why Optimizing for Facebook Search is Now Even More Important
October 23
Local Search and SEO

Facebook has improved the way users can search on their site. People are going to start looking even more to their platform to find your business. Are you ready? Learn how to optimize for Facebook Search today!

Four Unique Ways Use Video and Reach Your List
November 18

Leveraging video is a powerful way to stay in front of your clients and prospects. But you need to make your video stands out from the crowd. Today we will discuss four ways to do just that.

Pick Your Platform: Find The BEST Social Media Site For You
November 11

Are you confused as to which social media platform is best for you? Are you trying to hit all of them and running out of steam? Find out how to choose the best social media site for you.

Still Avoiding Video? YouTube Video Success Tips For The Newbie
October 27

You have spent years building your business and developing your products. With social media, you have the ability to share those products with millions of potential customers. Read YouTube Success Tips For The Newbie and find out how to make video part of your marketing strategy.

Simple Secrets To A Consistent Brand Online and Offline
October 30
Mobile and Web

Does your website, social media and brand match who you really are? Your customers have expectations and these expectations are formed based on the message you send them. Learn 5 Easy Tips to Maintain A Consistent Brand Online and Offline.

Website Best Practices and Content Planning presented at LSS15
October 03
Live Blogs - LSS 2015Mobile and Web

Do you have a local SEO and content plan for your business? Natalie Gould and Rachel Morgan walked attendees at LSS15 through how to keep your website current, drive site traffic and rank higher in search with content, SEO and social media.

Simple Tips to Develop a Content Marketing Plan
September 30
Mobile and Web

Content marketing should be at the top of your local SEO strategy because without it the overall business plan can’t succeed. Use these 3 tips to create a successful content marketing plan.

3 Reasons to Make Emotions Part of Your Marketing
November 24
Branding and Marketing

In marketing, the ultimate goal is the get people to buy your product or service, and engaging in the emotions of the consumers is the best way to do that.

The Cool Stuff I Learned About Beacons at State of Search
November 19
Branding and Marketing

What are beacons and why are they important to businesses? No, that isn’t a typo. I didn’t meant to say bacon. At State of Search I learned all about beacons and am inspired to use them strategically.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Makes a Comeback Like No Other
November 03
Branding and Marketing

I love me some Blue Bell Ice Cream and so does the rest of Texas. Why do you think that is? Let’s find out why and how they survived a crisis that would have killed any other brand.

November 26
Business Development

In this post title, I asked the question "Are you thankful or thinkful?” I purpose they are connected and being thankful isn't just something you do once or twice a year on a holiday, but something you should do every day. Read WHY you should be THINKFUL!

Using Your Strengths to Connect and Sell More
November 20
Business Development

The fact is you are a sales person, no matter what your job is, you are selling something! It could be an idea, a strategy or an actual product / service. Want to know what makes you an attractive sales person? Keep reading and find out.

The 10 Best Ways to Follow Up With A New Connection
November 06
Business Development

How is your follow up? The fact is as business owners we are busy trying to make the next dollar so when we make a new connection following up gets neglected! Stop going back to business as usual and implement the top 10 ways to follow up.

Tips for Creating a Google AdWords Campaign [Audio]
November 25
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Bernadette Coleman’s content contribution "Beginners Tips for a Successful Google AdWords Campaign" with host John Nosal.

Rocks Digital Lunch Blab Nov 20 – Beacons, Mobile, Emojis, Facebook Breakups, Google+ & More
November 20
BlabDigital Marketing Resources

Watch and listen to the archive of the Rocks Digital Lunch Blab for Nov. 20, 2015. Includes show notes and links to discussion points. Special Guest Dave Curlee with co-hosts Lissa Duty & John Nosal.

Rocks Digital Lunch Blab Nov 13 – iPad Pro, Firefox, Safe Harbor, Images, Facebook, Citations & More
November 13
BlabDigital Marketing Resources

Watch and listen to the archive of the Rocks Digital Lunch Blab for Nov. 13, 2015. Includes show notes and links to discussion points. Co-hosts Lissa Duty, John Nosal and Rocks Digital, of course!