8 Cool Local SEO Opportunities When Retail Meets Digital
January 16
Local Search and SEO

Learn 8 Local SEO opportunities that happen when the physical world of bricks and mortar collides with the digital world in marketing heaven!

Don’t Become a Victim of Google Analytics Spam
January 12
Local Search and SEO

Have you ever opened your Google Analytics report and found strange information? If so, you may have been a victim of Google Analytics spam. Learn how to get rid of it.

How to Prevent Online Data Conflict From Ruining Your Business
December 15
Local Search and SEO

When there’s conflicting information in your business's online data (name, phone number, address) you could miss that important call. Read on to discover how to correct and track your online data.

Tactical SEO Building Blocks: Build the Right Link To Maximize Results
November 29
Local Search and SEO

Use tactical SEO to maximize SEO returns and cut down on wasted effort. Here are the best link building strategies that actually work, and are tried and tested.

What’s the Magic Word Count for Blog Posts?
October 11
Local Search and SEO

If you're searching for clear cut guidance on the ideal length for your blog posts, this answer probably won't make you happy, but it’s the truth. There is no "right" length.

The 5 Most Common Mistakes of Social Media Newbies
January 19

So many marketers make social media look easy. But the fact is, there are certain pitfalls that can trip you up if you’re not careful. Discover 5 newbie mistakes you should avoid.

7 Strategies for Creating an Effective Facebook Video
January 11

It pays for most businesses to incorporate Facebook video into their marketing efforts and these 7 silver bullet strategies will show you how.

10 Things Business Owners Should NEVER Post on Social Media
January 04

One errant social media post and a business is in the news for all the wrong reasons and their reputation is ruined. Read more to find out what businesses should never post.

How eCommerce and Social Media Go Hand-in-Hand
December 28

eCommerce and social media should be used together to generate sales. Find out how to connect them for the best results.

How to Use Social Media Management Tools to Improve Engagement
December 20

When it comes to social media management, one of the most important aspects of a successful campaign is the engagement you get. Use these tips to improve your engagement.

Best Ways to Get and Keep Email Subscribers
January 10
Mobile and Web

No matter if your company is big or small, email subscribers create customer touch points via email and transforms the relationship between business and buyer. Learn how to get and keep email subscribers through your website.

Marketing Artificial Intelligence to the Masses
January 05
Mobile and Web

Many of us now carry an Artificial Intelligence (AI) device in our pockets, work with AI on our PCs, and even have AI sitting in our living rooms. But most of us don't realize it. Most consumers think AI is a robot in the future which makes marketing AI technology to consumers difficult. Learn the techniques the mega tech companies use that brings AI marketing to everyone.

Rock 2017 with 17 Insights from the Pros You Know
December 29
Mobile and Web

Industry experts and influencers provide impactful and action-oriented information all year long. Start the new year off right with these 17 pros.

We ROCKED Digital in 2016: Here’s the Highlights with This Top 15
December 22
Mobile and Web

Each year at Rocks Digital we like to like to look back at the posts that got our readers talking the most. Join us as we look back at 2016 and the Top 15!

Eyes on Your Own Work – Copyright Protection for Online Content
December 14
Mobile and Web

As a writer, you probably can’t keep someone from ever copying your work, but there are definite measures you can take to achieve copyright protection.

5 Types of Non-Sales Emails You Should Be Sending Regularly
January 17
Branding and Marketing

If you’re always trying to sell with your emails, they’ll be deleted before your customer ever reads it. So, instead try these 5 types of emails instead.

How to Include Customers as Part of Your Marketing Team
January 13
Branding and Marketing

Word-of-mouth has always placed customers on your marketing team through social media sites like Facebook. Learn how to utilize this customer marketing effectively.

3 Ways to Boost Online Sales with User-Generated Content
January 06
Branding and Marketing

User-Generated Content (USG) has many marketing benefits, but the one every business wants is its ability to boost sales. Find out how to start increasing your USG for more sales!

6 Tips That Will Bring Your Content Marketing To Life
December 27
Branding and Marketing

Does your content marketing come alive when customers read it? Discover how to inspire, motivate or encourage readers to take action!

6 Old-School Marketing Tactics That Can Still Work Today
December 21
Branding and Marketing

Did you know that old-school marketing tactic can still be relevant today? Check out 6 tactics that you should still be using today.

Keeping Your Sales Strategy on Target
January 18
Business Development

In order to be a great salesperson and implement your sales strategy, you must remain focused on your target. Read on for some great tips on how you can increase your focus and hit the sales target every time.

Market Niching: Check Your Underwear Drawer
January 09
Business Development

Are you looking for creative and expansive ways to define your ‘blue ocean’ and distinguish your business from the competition? Well, look no further than your underwear drawer for some market niching answers.

How to Empower Yourself and Achieve Goals
January 03
Business Development

It is estimated that only 8% of people achieve goals they set for the New Year. Learn how you can successfully reach the goal you have set.

Living a Healthy Life – Stacking the Odds for Success
December 30
Business Development

We all make New Years resolutions for a healthy life and many of us don't keep them beyond January, but now you can stack the odds in your favor for success!

Tips to Help Keep the Momentum Going for Holiday Sales
December 19
Business Development

If you want to end your year on a positive note with holiday sales, don’t slow your pace during the holidays. Check out these helpful tips to keep your sales momentum going.