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Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Celebrates 5th Year

As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to one of the largest digital marketing conferences in Texas each year – the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference.

Now is the time to REGISTER for the 2016 conference, which will be held in Addison, Texas starting June 29 and ending July 1. Learn more right now! Not sure about clicking yet? Check out the highlights here from prior years.

5 Free Local Search and SEO Tools You Need to Test Today
February 05
Local Search and SEO

Local search and search engine optimization are complex and can sometimes be frustrating. Here are 5 free local search and SEO tools to make your work easier. Test them out today, if you haven’t already.

Meetup Highlights – How to Dominate Local SERPs with Mike Stewart
January 27
Local BuzzLocal Search and SEO

Mike Stewart brought it at the #RocksDigital Meetup group in his presentation on “How to Dominate Local SERPs”. With a topic like this, you are never sure if the speaker is going to cover the basics or step it up into geekdom. Mike took the geekdom route. Get the highlights and view his slides now.

The Future of Digital Marketing: Video, Local SEO and The Fall of Social Networks
January 12
Local Search and SEO

As each year passes things come and things go. Digital marketing is no different. Consumers and how they depend on the Internet every day remains the same. We'll explore live video, reviews, directories, not so popular social networks and how businesses can reach consumers easier.

Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Celebrates Its 5 Year Anniversary
January 19
Rocks Digital 2016 News

The Rocks Digital Marketing Conference 2016 registration is officially underway. But first, Lissa Duty looks back on the last 4 years in preparation of celebrating the 5th anniversary of the conference. Join her in the journey.

New Year’s Resolutions For The Busy Business Owner
January 01

I know how busy you have been, so I took the liberty of writing your list of New Year's Resolutions. Cut, paste and print and you’ll be ready for a happy and productive new year.

140 Characters No More: Why You Should Use Video on Twitter
December 15

Do you have more to say on Twitter beyond 140 characters? Try using video in your tweets and get more attention. Learn WHY

How to Create Compelling Infographics and Market Them Online
February 03
Mobile and Web

Can we all agree that everyone wants to have a website that compels people to visit, read and share it? Learn why you should use infographics as part of your digital marketing strategy and how to get started.

Celebrating One Year of Blogging – Here is the Rocks Digital Top 10 Posts!
December 11
Mobile and Web

It is that time of year when we look back on all that happened over the past 12 months. Here at Rocks Digital we have been doing the same. Out of 181 blog posts published... Here is the Rocks Digital Top 10 Posts for 2015.

Simple Secrets To A Consistent Brand Online and Offline
October 30
Mobile and Web

Does your website, social media and brand match who you really are? Your customers have expectations and these expectations are formed based on the message you send them. Learn 5 Easy Tips to Maintain A Consistent Brand Online and Offline.

Step Up Your Copywriting Skills With These 5 Easy Content Marketing Tips
January 29
Branding and Marketing

Are you writing copy that converts prospects into customers? You need to be. These 5 quick copywriting tips will make it easier for you to create content that connects with the reader and converts them into customers.

7 Digital Marketing Strategies To Start Using Today To Generate A Buzz About Your Biz
January 13
Branding and Marketing

All businesses have times when things slow down. These times are the best times to plan out and implement digital marketing strategies to generate a buzz about your business. Keep reading and learn 7 digital marketing strategies you need to implement today, if you haven't already.

5 Apps Digital Marketers Can Use To Learn On The Go
January 05
Branding and Marketing

Learning apps are the perfect solution for digital marketers to learn while on the go. There are lots of apps to choose from so Bernadette Coleman narrowed the list down to 5 you definitely need to add to your arsenal.

Ready to Make More Money? It’s Time to Outsource Your Mundane Business Tasks
February 04
Business Development

We all want to make more money, right? Instead of spending your time completing the mundane tasks you don’t like; how about you outsource them to an expert and focus on doing the things you love. Learn where to start right now.

How Is Your Business Performing? Take the P.L.A.C.E. Quiz and Find Out
January 28
Business Development

Want better results? Better results ultimately boils down to how well a business performs in five critical areas. Referred to as the P.L.A.C.E. performance areas. Take the P.L.A.C.E. performance quiz and start improving today.

Overcoming The Fear of Failure and Rejection To Create A Booming Success
January 21
Business Development

There is not a person alive who looks forward to hearing no. Of all the things that can hold a business back from experiencing growth, it is the fear of of failure or rejection. Learn 4 strategies for overcoming these today.

Learn On The Go With These Digital Marketing Apps [Audio]
February 08
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Bernadette Coleman's content contribution "5 Apps Digital Marketers Can Use To Learn On The Go" with host Lissa Duty.

Why & How To Listen To Your Customers [Audio]
February 01
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Regina Burns' content contribution "Why ‘Listening’ To Your Customers Works" with host John Nosal.

Why You Should Add Social Media Press Releases to Your PR Strategy [Audio]
January 26
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Brian Scully's content contribution "Why To Add a Social Media Press Release to Your Marketing Mix" with host Lissa Duty.