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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference (formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference and the Local Social). The 2015 conference registration has opened and on June 29 & June 30 we will ROCK digital marketing like it has never been done before.

Join us along with 300+ attendees for the 2015 conference, which will focus on Content, Search, Social, Local and Biz Development. Register NOW / Learn More!

A sampling of the event includes 30+ speakers and 30+ sessions, with keynote addresses, expert presentations, Rock Talks, the Rock Your Digital Marketing Q & A Panel and Vendor Expo. Some of the conference “After” events includes the Speaker-Author Book Signing and Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup.

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Randall Turner, Digital Marketing Expert, to Speak on Your Visibility Checkup
March 27
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Do you have a consistent NAP? Did you know when someone searches for your product or services on Google, Yahoo or Bing that these search engines serve the information based on the address of your brick-n-mortar location and the location of the searcher? Is your business showing up in these searches?

Eve Mayer, Social Media Expert To Speak on Real-Time Marketing
March 20
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Meet Eve Mayer, Social Media Expert, and hear her present on how to dominate in real-time marketing at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference in June of 2015.

Robin Moss, Digital Marketing / Gamification Speaker
March 19
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Gamification motivates people to come back to your website, by rewarding them with prizes and/or recognition. Find out how you can super-charge your WordPress web site with gamification and grow your busi­ness!

3 Ways Dr. Seuss Guides You How to Write From the Core of Your Being
March 26

How do you learn how to write from the core of your being? With the help of a great philosopher—Dr. Seuss—here are three guidelines to follow.

Curious What Is The Best Time to Write A Blog Post? [Infographic]
March 19

Have you given any serious thought to the best times to write a blog post? I mean I don’t know about you, but normally when I sit down to write something I don’t think to myself “is this the best time to write?”

Creating Compelling Content: How To Find Blog Topics
March 10

It is not writer’s block that presents the challenge for most content creators. It is how to find blog topics that will grab the attention of your audience. Use these 6 Secrets and make your life easy!

Link Building Strategies to Increase Search Rankings
February 19

Local businesses need to get noticed by their customers to survive and thrive in the competitive business market. One way to do this is through active and passive link building to increase your search engine rankings. Learn WHY and HOW.

The Low Tech Guide to SEO for the Technically Challenged
February 12

Created with the technically challenged in mind, here's a low-tech guide to SEO for increasing your website effectiveness and improve your website rankings on search engines.

SEO Overkill…Don’t Do it!
January 30

This article is about SEO. SEO is so important to any website and you really should make sure your SEO is effective and that your SEO is also appropriate to your company in order to gain proper SEO. Was that SEO overkill? YES! Read 4 Simple Steps to Avoid SEO Overkill.

Happy Birthday Twitter: How To Create Your Twitter Success Story
March 21

Twitter is now 9 years old and I thought sharing how to create your Twitter success story today of all days was quite relevant. Before I get started I want to share my Twitter success story. You'll understand why when you get to the end of it.

How to Create Your Company’s SUPER Social Media Strategy
March 18

To be a SUPER social media manager, you need to develop a powerhouse social media strategy which acts as a guideline to you and those who work for you.

How to Optimize Twitter for Local SEO
March 13

Next to your own website, your business’ social media presence is your greatest tool online and optimizing Twitter for local SEO is a must! Learn HOW

Learn WHY Citations Are Important and HOW To Take Your Data Back #eBook
March 24

Are citations one of those words you keep hearing and are pretty sure you know what it means, but aren’t 100%. Solve the mystery right now. Learn why citations are important for your business and download our eBook.

Why You Need Digital Marketing Conferences 2015 #Infographic
March 23
LocalLocal Buzz

Are you riding the digital marketing wave? The fact is as a business owner, brand manager or digital marketer you have to eat, sleep and drink digital marketing to stay-up-to-date on what is hot and relevant in the industry! Get the Best Digital Marketing Conferences in 2015 to Attend!

Two Major Players in the Local SEO Industry Announce Merger
March 17
LocalLocal Buzz

Universal Business Listing, an industry leader in local search visibility, and Advice Interactive Group, an Inc 500 internet marketing and local search technology company merge.

Are You A Rockstar? Take The Sales Success IQ Test and Find Out
March 25
Business Development

Are you devoting the time and effort required to build a profitable and sustainable business? Take the Sales Success IQ Test and find out your Sales IQ.

Struggling Sales? How To Identify If It Is A Sales or A Service Issue
March 20
Business Development

If you are struggling to increase sales revenue, you may think the answer is to get more sales. There could be a bigger issue at play. Get the answer in this post.

Time to Get Busy: Setting Up A Virtual Office for Success
March 11
Business Development

More and more people are working virtually, at least part of the time, whether it’s the occasional day due to weather, bringing work home or a workplace that embraces working virtually. Learn how to increase productivity by setting up a virtual office for success.