7 Keyword Tool Alternatives to Google Planner
August 18
Local Search and SEO

It has been reported that Google is restricting the amount of keyword data that you can get using their Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Here are some other keyword research tools that you can use.

Online Reviews – Business Builder or Brand Buster?
August 10
Local Search and SEO

Having a way for your clients to leave online reviews for your business can be a great business builder. But, it is not without potential pitfalls. And if people reach out via social media, they expect a response.

Helping Customers Find You: NAP Consistency
August 04
Local Search and SEO

Many consumers now use the Internet in lieu of a phone directory, which makes internet-based Name, Address and Phone or NAP consistency critical.

Two Types of Powerful Business Videos
August 17

Every company can use two types of powerful business videos in their marketing tool belt. Although most have heard that videos will get more attention and drive customers to your business, where do you start?

7 Social Media Musts for Your New Business
August 12

So let’s talk about how you can use social channels to accomplish your goals. Here are my 7 social media musts to help build and grow your new business via social media:

Periscope to #Save the Day: Local Marketing for Businesses with Live Video
May 16

Mourn no longer, my dear local marketers and small business owners; the team at Periscope heard your pleas. They are now beta testing #Save. Learn about this and live video marketing for local businesses right now.

Mobile Gaming Piques Interest with Marketers and Healthcare Fans
August 11
Mobile and Web

Mobile gaming fanatics are suddenly catching rare, imaginary Pokémon creatures in a world where almost nothing seems rare and it is often too real.

Local Search and Micro-Moments: Making Magic in the Moment
August 05
Mobile and Web

Mobile is one of the greatest disruptions in digital marketing, but I’m not focusing on mobile today. Instead let’s explore one of its great side effects – the Micro-Moment, as Google has coined it.

Content Marketing Metrics You Can’t Afford To Ignore
February 23
Mobile and Web

When you create local content, or any content for that matter, the end goal is conversion and success. A thorough review of your content marketing metrics gives you insight to see if you’re achieving those goals. Read on to find out which types of content marketing metrics you should never ignore.

4 Quick Personal Brand Tips
August 23
Branding and Marketing

It’s time for all of the cobbler’s children to have shoes. If you’re reading this, you are likely to be a marketer or a small business. You’re apt to be busy, with little time to think about your personal brand.

How to Awaken the Copywriter Within You
August 02
Branding and Marketing

Learn how to awaken the copywriter within you with these tips from Debra Jason.

You-Centered Content: Does Your Content Talk at or to Your Customers?
March 24
Branding and Marketing

It doesn’t take long for you to decide if a product or service is right for you. Often the subject at the center of a brand’s content marketing, whether it is you-centered or we-centered, helps you to make that decision. Learn why YOU-centered content is a big deal and how to write it.

Cold Calling Mistakes to Avoid
August 24
Business Development

Whether it is by phone or door-to-door canvassing, there is a right way and a wrong way to make cold calls to ensure a positive outcome.

Are You an Olympian in Your Industry?
August 19
Business Development

If your industry had an Olympics would you be a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal winner? Would you be an Olympian medalist at all?

7 Back to School Tips for Small Business Owners
August 16
Business Development

It’s back to school time for teachers, parents and kids. But small business owners can also benefit from a fresh start in the middle of the year. You may wonder where to start or what needs attention the most, so grab your digital feather duster and follow these quick tips!

Live Blogger’s Last Word – Rocks Digital Recap 2016
July 29
Live Blogs - Rocks Digital 2016Rocks Digital 2016 News

Another Rocks Digital Marketing Conference has come and gone and now we have to take all that we've learned and put it to use in 'the real world'. Oh wait... you missed the conference? Let me try to (as one of our presenters so eloquently put it) "snack-size" the conference for you...

Highlights from 2016 Rock Talks
July 28
Live Blogs - Rocks Digital 2016Rocks Digital 2016 News

Rock Talks are delightful, quick talks that provide some great nuggets of wisdom in a fast-paced format. Check out the live blog to learn more!

Reverse Engineering Google’s Local Search Algorithm
July 26
Live Blogs - Rocks Digital 2016Rocks Digital 2016 News

Andrew Shotland took a unique approach to Google's local search algorithm and reverse engineered it. He shared the results with us at Rocks Digital 2016!