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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference each year. If you missed it don’t worry, you can get the highlights here. Be sure to Save the Date for the 2016 conference – June 29 and June 30.

How To Dominate Local Search Online
October 01
Live Blogs - LSS 2015Local Search and SEO

To get the edge over your competitors you have to dominate the local search arena and, more specifically, mobile local search. Bernadette Coleman gives the reasons why and how to do just that in her presentation.

How to Do A Website Link Audit: Tools and Tips To Get You Started
September 11
Local Search and SEO

You’ll never really find the “right time” to perform a link audit. Did you know that a link audit is important to the SEO health of your website? Learn what you need to know about a link audit and how to do one.

4 Quick-n-Easy Ways to Outrank Your Competition in Google Search Results
August 14
Local Search and SEO

Achieving the best possible ranking in Google search results isn’t easy. Google is always changing their algorithm. What worked yesterday might not work today. Ready to Dominate Google Search Results? Let’s get started.

Create A Social Media Plan & Implement It as featured at LSS15
October 02
Live Blogs - LSS 2015

Do you have a social media plan for your business? Lissa Duty walked attendees at LSS15 through creating a social media plan and implementation strategy. Walk through the questions right now and create your plan.

Can you believe it? Facebook is Going to Start Charging
September 29

Facebook is going to start charging! Businesses and brands have been paying to play, and now the users have to pay too? Learn 5 Things you need to know About Facebook and ideas how to quickly capitalize on a Facebook trend.

Local, Search and Social Summit 2015 Agenda
September 18

The Local, Search and Social Summit powered by Rocks Digital and Advice Interactive Group, are pulling out all the stops for SMBs and brands to get the knowledge and training to be able to control and maximize their online visibility. Register Now!

Website Best Practices and Content Planning presented at LSS15
October 03
Live Blogs - LSS 2015Mobile and Web

Do you have a local SEO and content plan for your business? Natalie Gould and Rachel Morgan walked attendees at LSS15 through how to keep your website current, drive site traffic and rank higher in search with content, SEO and social media.

Simple Tips to Develop a Content Marketing Plan
September 30
Mobile and Web

Content marketing should be at the top of your local SEO strategy because without it the overall business plan can’t succeed. Use these 3 tips to create a successful content marketing plan.

Improve Website Load Time and Keep Website Visitors Coming Back
September 04
Mobile and Web

Do you ever look at your own website? I mean really looking from your website visitors’ perspective. Your website needs to load quickly, be easy to navigate and optimized for your website visitors, not you. Learn 4 sure-fire methods to improve load time and keep website visitors.

Our Biggest Opportunity is The Smallest Moments: Micro-Moments presented by #Google at LSS15
October 02
Branding and MarketingLive Blogs - LSS 2015

Are you capturing the small moments? Keynote speaker Ben Killmer from Google shared how opportunity lies within what Google calls "micro-moments". These moments are when consumers are making decisions.

Gaining Your Customers’ Trust: How To Write A Great Guarantee
September 25
Branding and Marketing

The guarantee is an essential element for eliminating the risk factor among consumers. Learn the 4 keys to writing a guarantee for your business.

The Long and Short of It – Great Content Comes in All Sizes!
September 01
Branding and Marketing

It amazes me that as long as we have been producing content, people still ask "How long a blog should be?" OR "How many words?" Writing great content is about so much more than that. Read on and find out.

Get Your Business Online: Google My Business Workshop
October 02
Business DevelopmentLive Blogs - LSS 2015

Is your business listing verified on Google My Business? Justin Liles walked attendees at LSS15 through claiming and optimizing their Google My Business listing. Learn some tips and tricks right now.

Keep Your Customers: Create A Relationship Management Process
September 23
Business Development

What happens after the prospect says ‘yes’? Are you prepared today for what comes next? Learn how to create a customer relationship management process and effectively build long-term business relationships far beyond the first sale.

10 Tips to Productive (and Profitable) Networking
September 15
Business Development

Networking is a crucial component in a business owner or entrepreneur’s life, but most don’t know the secret of how to make networking more productive. Learn these 10 tips to make your networking both productive and profitable!

How To Write Headlines That Grab Attention [Audio]
September 28
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Debra Jason's content contribution "How To Write Headlines That Captures the Reader" with host Lissa Duty.

Social Selling In A Digital World [Audio]
September 03
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Bernadette Coleman's content contribution "Rev up your Business with Social Selling" with host Alison Toyne.

Creating Motivation That Moves Your To-Do to Done [Audio]
August 27
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Patty Farmer's content contribution "Find Your To-Do Motivation and Move To-Do to Done" with host John Nosal.