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  • SearchCap: Duane Forrester No Longer With Bing, Animated GIFs In Bing Images & Paid Search Roundup

    Below is what happened in search today, as reported on Search Engine Land and from other places across the web. From Search Engine Land: The Economic Impact of SEO Media Services- November 6 Webcast Using an outside expert resource for global SEO and earned media services can make your search...

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  • The Economic Impact Of SEO Media Services- November 6 Webcast

    Using an outside expert resource for global SEO and earned media services can make your search marketing campaigns a valuable investment. But how do you justify the cost to your management? In this live webcast, Forrester Research’s Dean Davison and Shar VanBoskirk will lead a discussion...

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  • SPONSOR MESSAGE: Guide to Social Advertising 2014

    Social advertising challenges a brand to think differently about both social engagement and advertising. It requires marketers to appeal to the prospect in new ways. This Grande Guide from Oracle Eloqua is about advertising in the social media sphere- what it means, why it’s worth it, and how best...

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  • 10 Awesome Ways to ROCK Mashable’s Social Media Day 2014

    Best Ways to Celebrate Social Media Day 2014 So are you wondering “What is Social Media Day and why does Lissa keep talking about it”? Social Media Day is an annual celebration of social media and the impact it has made on how we do business. Through the power of social media EVERYONE from all walks […]

  • What the #HASHTAG? Using Hashtags on Facebook

    Yes, you should be using hashtags on Facebook to reach a new audience with your Facebook Business Page Posts. This post includes what, why, how, and tips for participating in hashtag conversations. This how-to video answers the following questions: What is a hashtag? How do I use a hashtag on Facebook? Why Should I use […]

  • 5 Awesome Ways You Can Get More Speaking Opportunities: Social Media, Your Website, and More

    5 Ways to Use Your Website, Social Media and More to Get Speaking Opportunities As a small business owner, I am a public speaker and speak professionally to meet new people and prospective clients. You have to let the world know you are a professional speaker, engaging, great at connecting with your audience, available and […]

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Newsjacking Can Be Good for Your Brand if Done Right, or it can be tragic!
October 14

Learn How Newsjacking is Done Wrong, How to Do it the Right Way and How to Avoid Newsjacking Disasters.

5 Ways to Create Demand for Your Brand
October 07

Creating brand awareness, lead generation and thought leadership are goals of a good content marketing strategy. It starts with answering these questions ...

Six Steps to Optimize Your Content
September 16

You spend a lot of time developing and marketing your content. Before you hit the final “Publish” button, take a few minutes to optimize your content for three essential features, the trifecta of content marketing: discoverability, readability and shareability.

10 Most Overlooked SEO Mistakes
October 21

So many blogs or articles about SEO focus on what you should do, but we decided to turn the tables a bit and look at what you should not do.

Top 10 SEO Influencers to Follow
September 30

To help you wade through the surplus of SEO influencers to follow, we have put together our list of 10 of the industry’s top gurus.

10 SEO Myths Debunked
September 23

SEO may be one of the most talked about topics in marketing today. With a seemingly endless amount of conversation comes a surplus of myths. Following is our valiant effort to identify 10 of the top SEO myths that we see or hear all too often—and their associated truths.

15 Must Dos to Drive Traffic to Your Blog with Social Media
October 28

Writing quality content that is SEO friendly and gets search preference is only half the battle in today's day and age of blogging content. You need to drive traffic to your blog and social media is one of the best ways to do that.

13 Essential Elements of a Successful Social Media Contest
October 22

Launching a social media contest, if done right, is a great way to introduce consumers to your brand in a fun and engaging way. You don’t have to be a big brand nor have a big budget to launch a successful one.

5 Excellent Ways to Use Google Hangouts for Your Business
October 16

Using Google Plus Hangouts for your business is a no brainer! Learn 5 Excellent Ways to Use Google Hangouts for Your Business from Patrick Dougher.

Dominate Google Local Search: Reviews and Ratings
October 30

You are not the only business that wants to dominate Google local search. You need you use reviews and ratings, in conjunction with other aspects, such as optimizing your location pages on social networking sites.

Dominate Google Local Search: Location, Location, Location
October 23

Imagine your car needs a repair and you don’t know of any good auto shops in your area. Or let’s say, you’re hungry - you go to Google and run and Local Search!