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Rocks Digital Marketing Conference Celebrates 5th Year

As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to one of the largest digital marketing conferences in Texas each year – the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference.

Now is the time to REGISTER for the 2016 conference, which will be held in Addison, Texas starting June 29 and ending July 1. Learn more right now! Not sure about clicking yet? Check out the highlights here from prior years.

Neil Lemons Serves Up the Secrets to Building a Hyperlocal Media Empire at Rocks Digital 2016!
April 06
Content TrackRocks Digital 2016 NewsSpeakers 2016

Join us at #RocksDigital 2016 in Addison, Texas for Neil Lemon’s presentation "How to Become a Hyperlocal Media Mogul & Get VIP Status Everywhere You Go".

Learn Infographic Design 101 with Randy Krum at Rocks Digital 2016!
April 06
Content TrackRocks Digital 2016 NewsSpeakers 2016

Join us at #RocksDigital 2016 in Addison, Texas for Randy Krum’s presentation "Cool Infographics: Examples, Tips & Tools".

Mike Stewart presents on standout Local SEO Strategies at Rocks Digital 2016
April 04
Local Search and SEO TrackRocks Digital 2016 NewsSpeakers 2016

Join us at #RocksDigital 2016 in Addison, Texas for Mike Stewart’s presentation "Rising Above the Rest for Local Search Success".

10 Local Search and SEO Hacks to Improve Visibility on Google
April 13
Local Search and SEO

These 10 local search and SEO hacks are designed to help marketers reach, or recover and maintain their rankings and survive in the competitive 3-pack local search environment.

Double Dip — Pro Tips for Blending SEO and Content Marketing
March 23
Local Search and SEO

In combination, content marketing and SEO create a brand-enhancing, lead-generating monster greater than the sum of their parts. Learn how SEO and content marketing are close relatives, plus how to blend the two to get the results you want.

5 Free Local Search and SEO Tools You Need to Test Today
February 05
Local Search and SEO

Local search and search engine optimization are complex and can sometimes be frustrating. Here are 5 free local search and SEO tools to make your work easier. Test them out today, if you haven’t already.

New Year’s Resolutions For The Busy Business Owner
January 01

I know how busy you have been, so I took the liberty of writing your list of New Year's Resolutions. Cut, paste and print and you’ll be ready for a happy and productive new year.

140 Characters No More: Why You Should Use Video on Twitter
December 15

Do you have more to say on Twitter beyond 140 characters? Try using video in your tweets and get more attention. Learn WHY

Four Unique Ways Use Video and Reach Your List
November 18

Leveraging video is a powerful way to stay in front of your clients and prospects. But you need to make your video stands out from the crowd. Today we will discuss four ways to do just that.

Content Marketing Metrics You Can’t Afford To Ignore
February 23
Mobile and Web

When you create local content, or any content for that matter, the end goal is conversion and success. A thorough review of your content marketing metrics gives you insight to see if you’re achieving those goals. Read on to find out which types of content marketing metrics you should never ignore.

How to Create Compelling Infographics and Market Them Online
February 03
Mobile and Web

Can we all agree that everyone wants to have a website that compels people to visit, read and share it? Learn why you should use infographics as part of your digital marketing strategy and how to get started.

Celebrating One Year of Blogging – Here is the Rocks Digital Top 10 Posts!
December 11
Mobile and Web

It is that time of year when we look back on all that happened over the past 12 months. Here at Rocks Digital we have been doing the same. Out of 181 blog posts published... Here is the Rocks Digital Top 10 Posts for 2015.

You-Centered Content: Does Your Content Talk at or to Your Customers?
March 24
Branding and Marketing

It doesn’t take long for you to decide if a product or service is right for you. Often the subject at the center of a brand’s content marketing, whether it is you-centered or we-centered, helps you to make that decision. Learn why YOU-centered content is a big deal and how to write it.

Storytelling That Sticks for Nonprofits and Businesses Alike
March 04
Branding and Marketing

“Who do you serve?” is the biggest question we are all asked to answer. Storytelling is the key to helping you make that connection. Learn why storytelling is important and six steps to get you started today.

Test Your Copywriting Strength: A Quick Quiz for 7 Cool Copywriting Tips
February 26
Branding and Marketing

With so many people discussing how key content is to marketing strategies, good copywriters are a little like nobility in King Content’s court. Take the short copywriting tips quiz and see how you are doing!

The Troll-Free Zone: Pumping Up Your Productivity
April 20
Business Development

If you are like the majority of us, I’m sure you’ve spent time on social media. Whether it is for business productivity or for your personal life, you’ve likely encountered the people the online community refers to as trolls. Join us and cross the troll bridge to achieve peak productivity.

Let’s Talk Tools: Small Business Tools for SMB Success
March 09
Business Development

Do you frequently think “What small business tools can help me the most?” Every business has a different set of needs but there are some core essentials. Click to learn about 18 business tools that will help improve efficiency and productivity in your work.

Mathemagics: How to Grow Your Business Through Subtraction
March 02
Business Development

The old adage, “You don’t get bigger by getting smaller,” does not always apply in the modern business world. In order to thrive in today’s fast-paced, global marketplace you need subtraction, but not just subtracting any and all, but smart cuts! Click to learn more.

Why You Should Do a Website Link Audit and How to Get Started [Audio]
March 03
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Bernadette Coleman's content contribution "How to Do a Website Link Audit: Tools and Tips to Get You Started" with host John Nosal.

Is Your Content Marketing Working? If Not, It’s Back To The Drawing Board [Audio]
February 18
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Laura Armbruster's content contribution "Content Marketing 101: Back To the Drawing Board?" with host Lissa Duty.

Start Selling With Purpose and Get More Customers [Audio]
February 11
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to John Carroll's content contribution "Want More Customers? Start Selling With Purpose" with host John Nosal.