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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference (formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference and the Local Social). The 2015 conference registration has opened and on June 29 & June 30 we will ROCK digital marketing like it has never been done before.

Join us along with 300+ attendees for the 2015 conference, which will focus on Content, Search, Social, Local and Biz Development. Register NOW / Learn More!

A sampling of the event includes 30+ speakers and 30+ sessions, with keynote addresses, expert presentations, Rock Talks, the Rock Your Digital Marketing Q & A Panel and Vendor Expo. Some of the conference “After” events includes the Speaker-Author Book Signing and Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup.

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BIAKelsey to Sponsor & Moderate A Special Women Leading in Local Session
May 18
Biz Development TrackRocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Join us for a special Women Leading in Local session sponsored by BIA/Kelsey. Come enjoy this time of learning, hear stories of success and be inspired by women in the industry. Panel moderated by Celine Matthiessen.

Damian Rollison to Speak on Location Data for Local Business
May 18
Local SEO / Search TrackRocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

The mobile explosion has transformed the way we communicate and get information, not just in the U.S. but all over the world. Learn the importance of location data and how to maximize the online footprint for your business in mobile results in this session.

Natalie Gould To Speak on Local Biz Strategies for Content Development
May 18
Local SEO / Search TrackRocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

So you don't have million dollar marketing budget, but you need to compete with companies online that do? Link building and content development is one area where you can compete with the big conglomerates. Learn HOW in this session co-presented by Natalie Gould and Rachel Morgan.

How To Optimize Your Website for The User and SEO
May 18
Local Search and SEO

A well-optimized website is about so much more than search engine optimization (SEO). It’s about having a design that is user friendly and loads quickly. Your entire website needs to be welcoming and easy for visitors to navigate. Learn HOW in this post.

#Google News: Change in Format of URLs to A Breadcrumb Like Structure
April 17
Local BuzzLocal Search and SEO

Google announced they are making a change to mobile search results. The will now be displaying Website Name and Breadcrumb Like Structure instead of the long URLs.

#SEJSummit Dallas Keynote Panel with Mobile Websites dominating!
March 31
Local BuzzLocal Search and SEO

Wrapping up #SEJSummit Dallas with the last session of the day was the AMA "Ask Me Anything" Panelists - Bernadette Coleman, Warren Lee, Tony Wright & Steve Floyd.

LinkedIn Best Practice: How To Send a Connection Request the Right Way
May 22

LinkedIn is a powerful platform and you definitely want to make the best first impression with potential new connections. Today, we will explore exactly how to accomplish this. In full disclosure, this best practice “How to send a LinkedIn Connection Request” is excerpted from the book I co-authored with John Nosal, Your LinkedIn Professional Network: How to Connect, Optimize and Implement for Success.

Driving Website Traffic with YouTube Cards
May 07

Using YouTube Cards as a strategy to drive website traffic is a no brainer. Learn the benefits, how to use cards and the FAQs right now. Then take YouTube Cards for a test drive on your video. It’s easy!

My Secret Weapon: WordPress Plugins for Social Media Sharing
April 27

With so many WordPress plugins that integrate with your website for sharing on social media, how do you pick which ones to use? These are a few of my social media secret weapon plugins.

With 38K Plugins, How Do You Research, Choose and Install A WordPress Plugin
May 14
Mobile and Web

Managing a WordPress website isn’t always easy. Especially when it comes to installing a new plugin. Learn HOW to research, choose and INSTALL a WordPress plugin.

How To Become a Content Marketing Superhero
May 12
Mobile and Web

Are you ready to become a content marketing superhero? Every superhero has their tools. What is in your content marketing tool belt? Learn to use content marketing to build an audience, boost traffic or launch a new product.

Website 101: How To Choose A Domain Name
May 11
Mobile and Web

The domain name is one of the more important choices you will make, as the domain name you choose will determine visitors’ initial impression of your business and help people to find it quickly and easily. Learn how to choose the right domain name for your business.

What Is Networking and How To Network: Networking Isn’t Just for Newbies
May 06
Branding and Marketing

Networking is not about how many business cards you collect or exchange. It isn't working a room with shameless self-promotion. Whether you are a newbie or a pro, you need a refresher in networking etiquette! Get that TODAY!

Creating Content that Fills the Sales Funnel With Buyers
May 05
Branding and Marketing

You often find that folks talk about the sales funnel as if it stands alone (which it doesn't) and that people just miraculous trickle to the bottom if you provide them with enough content via social media or drip, or both. Creating content that creates a buying state is an art. Learn HOW.

Create Word-of-Mouth Buzz With These 5 Social Proof Strategies
April 23
Branding and Marketing

One of the best ways to tell the story about your product or service is to demonstrate the benefits through Social Proof – show people that what you promise is what you deliver. Apply these 5 Strategies. They will deliver results.

Overcome Your Kryptonite: Three Self-Defeating Business Strategies
May 19
Business Development

So what does kryptonite have to do with self-defeating business strategies? One of the world’s favorite superheroes is Superman. As SUPER and amazing as Superman was, he still had a weakness. As amazing and SUPER as you are, you too have kryptonite you need to put into a lead box. Learn HOW.

The Disaster Plan Every Business Owner Needs
May 13
Business Development

Having a Disaster Plan can make the difference between being able to support your clients (and retain them) and needing to shut down for a few days or weeks (which could cost you clients). Are you prepared? Start your preparation now with these steps.

Sales Strategy 101: How to Sell To Decision Makers
April 22
Business Development

According to research, as much as 60% of a salesperson’s time is spent in front of people who either can’t buy or will never buy their products and services. If you are not calling on the decision-makers who can buy from you, you’re wasting valuable time and resources and you need to change your sales strategy.

How To Optimize Your Content [Audio]
May 22
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Bernadette Coleman's content contribution "Six Steps to Optimize Your Content" with host Lissa Duty.

Stop Working Late: Learn How to Delegate! [Audio]
May 21
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Laura Darkstar's content contribution "Clean Your Plate: Learn How to Delegate" with host John Nosal.

Newsjacking Done Right, Wrong and How to Avoid Disasters! [Audio]
May 20
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Clara Mathews content contribution "Newsjacking Can Be Good For Your Brand If Done Right, Or It Can Be Tragic" with host Lissa Duty