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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference (formerly DFW Rocks Social Media Day Conference and the Local Social). The 2015 conference registration has opened and on June 29 & June 30 we will ROCK digital marketing like it has never been done before.

Join us along with 300+ attendees for the 2015 conference, which will focus on Content, Search, Social, Local and Biz Development. Register NOW / Learn More!

A sampling of the event includes 30+ speakers and 30+ sessions, with keynote addresses, expert presentations, Rock Talks, the Rock Your Digital Marketing Q & A Panel and Vendor Expo. Some of the conference “After” events includes the Speaker-Author Book Signing and Mashable’s Social Media Day Tweetup.

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Anthony Ryan, Social Media Speaker
January 30
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Don't be fooled by his casual appearance and rockstar jewelry habit for lack of experience, Anthony Ryan is seasoned speaker and trainer, rarin' to go as far as his energy will take him! He will be presenting during the special "Rock Talks" session on June 29 on social media strategy.

Candy Barone, Biz Development Speaker
January 28
Rocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Candy Barone, known as the “Pull-No-Punches” Account- ability Powerhouse, is a coach, professional speaker & published author. She will be presenting during the special "Rock Talks" session on June 29.

Harrison Blum, Social Media Speaker
January 27
Featured In SliderRocks Digital 2015 NewsSpeakers 2015

Harrison Blum is the owner of Z Interactive is an accomplished marketing professional with broad agency with experience in building remarkable brands. He will be presenting at the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference on June 29 & June 30, 2015.

Your Editorial Content Calendar How-To: The Key to Marketing Success
January 13
ContentFeatured In Slider

The marketing department tells you that your company needs a blog, Facebook and Twitter. This all sounds great, but who will create this fabulous content and how will you keep it organized? Read Your Editorial Content Calendar How-To.

Take Your Website from Ew to Ah: An Effective Website that Converts
January 12
ContentFeatured In Slider

What does your website say about you and your brand? How can you know for sure you have an effective website that converts? You can’t know 100%! You can make sure your website integrates these 16 elements to increase the odds of a conversion.

Mark Twain’s Tips for Creating Content
January 06
ContentFeatured In Slider

When it comes to creating content, it makes sense to turn to the masters – those who have created works that live on for years. Twain understood how to create content that people wanted to read, talk about, and share.

SEO Overkill…Don’t Do it!
January 30

This article is about SEO. SEO is so important to any website and you really should make sure your SEO is effective and that your SEO is also appropriate to your company in order to gain proper SEO. Was that SEO overkill? YES! Read 4 Simple Steps to Avoid SEO Overkill.

How To Identify Keyword Phrases Used in Search By Your Customers
January 15
Featured In SliderSearch

Knowing your customers is the best way to succeed in any business. It’s not always easy to figure out the keyword phrase your customer searches to reach your website, but once you do, you've got a sure-shot recipe for success. Learn how to conduct your own keyword research using Google and other free tools.

Prep Steps For Launching a Local Search Campaign
January 09
Featured In SliderSearch

Before you launch a local search campaign to boost your online traffic, it's important to have everything you need in place to ensure the campaign is effective. LEARN and IMPLEMENT the necessary preparation before your launch.

Not Using Social Media? Social Media 911
January 14
Featured In Slider

In this day and age of media and technology, if your small business doesn't have a social media strategy in place, you're missing out! But missing out on what, exactly? Read WHY & HOW to Pick the Right Platforms, so we don’t have to call a social media 911 on YOU!

Why YouTube Video Rules the Web
January 07
Featured In Slider

Unless you have been living under a rock, you might have noticed that there are a multitude of video platforms available for you to post video content on. Learn WHY YouTube Rules the Web and you should be using it!

Finding ROI in Social Media Marketing for 2015 and Beyond
January 02
Featured In Slider

Saying that marketing on social media doesn’t work because you’re not seeing a return on your investment is like saying that the treadmill you faithfully use as a coat rack isn’t working because you haven’t lost any weight. Learn Four things to Change If You Want Social Media Marketing to Make You Money.

10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins & Why
January 05
Featured In SliderLocal

Since being founded in 2003, WordPress.org has risen to be the number one self-hosting tool for blogs and websites. Template WordPress themes take very little effort to set up, but there are a myriad WordPress plugins to choose from. These 10 most popular WordPress Plugins will get you on your way to success.

9 Must Do Tips for Creating a Focused Local Content Strategy
December 12
Featured In SliderLocal

As a local company, having a locally focused content strategy for your website and blog is the best way to make sure you not only draw traffic to your site, but that you draw the right traffic. Implement these 9 Must Do Tips to optimize your content for local.

Why Should I Give To a Charity? I Can Barely Pay My Own Bills!
December 10
Featured In SliderLocal

Well, it is that time of year again. The time when every non-profit you have ever heard of is asking you for money, toy donations or to volunteer your time. Am I right? This is the story of my charitable giving turning point.

Stop Spraying and Praying: Create Meaningful Connections
January 28
Business DevelopmentFeatured In Slider

Are your making meaningful connections or just “spraying and praying”? Learn 5 Success Tips for Creating Meaningful Connections in this post by John Carroll .

Grow Your Network to Grow Your Business: Networking Strategy 101
January 16
Business DevelopmentFeatured In Slider

Successful networking goes beyond “working the room” and collecting business cards in the digital age. It’s all about engaging, building and being able to sustain relationships you developed with a well planned networking strategy. Before you create the strategy, you need to understand the why.

5 Digital Marketing Resolutions to Rock the Web in 2015
January 01
Business DevelopmentFeatured In Slider

Learn HOW to leverage Content, Search, Social, Local and Business Development to ROCK the Web with digital marketing.