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As a part of our commitment to digital marketing, we are host to the Rocks Digital Marketing Conference each year. If you missed it don’t worry, you can get the highlights here. Be sure to Save the Date for the 2016 conference – June 29 and June 30.

4 Quick-n-Easy Ways to Outrank Your Competition in Google Search Results
August 14
Local Search and SEO

Achieving the best possible ranking in Google search results isn’t easy. Google is always changing their algorithm. What worked yesterday might not work today. Ready to Dominate Google Search Results? Let’s get started.

Optimizing for Service Areas Without Creating Doorway Pages
July 15
Local Search and SEO

The main goal of a local SEO campaigns is to rank in search results for a specific geographic area. You must do this without creating doorway pages. Explore how to optimize for service areas onsite and offsite.

Digital Marketing Q & A Panel at #RocksDigital 2015
July 14
Live Blogs - Rocks Digital 2015Local Search and SEORocks Digital 2015 News

No conference is complete without an informative question and answer session with a panel of experts. The Rocks Digital Marketing: Q&A Panel included: Justin Liles, Beth Kahlich and John Nosal with our own Lissa Duty, as Moderator.

Facebook Taking Over The World? The Social Network of Choice
August 31

Did you hear the news that on Monday, August 24th 1 in every 7 people on Earth logged into Facebook? That is right, in a single day Facebook had over one billion users log into their platform. Wondering why? Read on.

The Best FREE Social Media Image Sites To Rock Your Marketing
August 25

Whether you’re posting images for your blog or for your social networks - Check out these 5 free image tools that help you create cool graphics that rock!

Twitter Direct Messaging Grows Up: The DM Goes from 140 to 10,000
August 21

Have you heard about the Twitter Direct Messaging changes? You can now send one individual message instead of multiple ones. Get the scoop on this change and more.

Don’t Lose Your Website’s Fame Because of a Domain Name Change
August 20
Mobile and Web

If you have recently changed your domain name, or are thinking about making a change, you’ve probably considered how this will impact your website’s popularity and placement in search results. Take these 4 steps and keep your fame!

How To Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to View Site Traffic and Click Through
July 24
How To ResourcesMobile and Web

Are you curious what pages on your website visitors are clicking on, how long they stayed and how they got there? Learn how to use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools to see this information and much more.

Creating Conversions: Getting Website Visitors to Take Action
July 22
Mobile and Web

You created a website to feature your products and services to potential customers. You use digital marketing to drive traffic to your website. But is your website converting the prospects into customers? Learn how to make sure your customers are taking action on your website.

The Long and Short of It – Great Content Comes in All Sizes!
September 01
Branding and Marketing

It amazes me that as long as we have been producing content, people still ask "How long a blog should be?" OR "How many words?" Writing great content is about so much more than that. Read on and find out.

The Key Ingredient To Marketing Success: How to Find A Content Marketing Copywriter
August 12
Branding and Marketing

All great chefs know that even in the simplest dishes, the key to creating a great dish is to use the best possible ingredients. Creating content for your website, blog posts or print pieces is no different. Learn how to find a good content marketing copywriter.

5 Editing Tips to Take Your Written Words to Wow!
August 04
Branding and Marketing

Editing is mostly science; brilliant editing is an art. Editing so that it resonates with the audience is key. Stop hacking out words for no reason and learn how to take written content and edit it into something that wows the reader.

Stop Doing Business Like It Is A “Dog Eat Dog” World And Start Succeeding
August 26
Business Development

Do you want to succeed in life and business? Get out of the "dog eat dog" mindset we live in and learn Lissa Duty’s 5 secrets to succeeding in life and business.

Planning for Profit and Peak Productivity
August 24
Business Development

One of the hardest things to do in today’s business environment is balancing the things that you love to do with the things you need to do. Learn how to plan your day for peak productivity and have the best of both worlds.

The ABCs of a Perfect Sales Process
August 19
Business Development

Is "ABC (Always Be Closing)" really the perfect sales process? Or what about 1, 2, 3? How many steps to a perfect sale? The anticipated sales process and the reality are two different things. Let’s discuss.

Creating Motivation That Moves Your To-Do to Done [Audio]
August 27
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen Now on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Patty Farmer's content contribution "Find Your To-Do Motivation and Move To-Do to Done" with host John Nosal.

How Healthy Living is Good Business [Audio]
August 24
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on the Rocks Digital Audio Network to Clint Fuqua's content contribution "Living Healthy is Just Good Business" with host Alison Toyne.

How To Identify Social Media Trends [Audio]
August 17
Audio NetworkDigital Marketing Resources

Listen on Rocks Digital Audio Network to Lissa Duty's content contribution "How to Identify Social Media Trends Before Everyone Else" with host John Nosal.