Get a Grasp: The 12 Link Types for Website Optimization
September 20
Local Search and SEO

The web is made up of links—and many different link types. Knowing the types of links and how they impact SEO is important, even for on-page SEO.

Is SEO All It’s Cracked Up to Be? Get this Answer and More
September 15
Local Search and SEO

Many business owners ask themselves this question every day! Learn 5 questions to differentiate an expert from an imposter and 5 things you need to know about SEO.

7 Keyword Tool Alternatives to Google Planner
August 18
Local Search and SEO

It has been reported that Google is restricting the amount of keyword data that you can get using their Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool. Here are some other keyword research tools that you can use.

Online Reviews – Business Builder or Brand Buster?
August 10
Local Search and SEO

Having a way for your clients to leave online reviews for your business can be a great business builder. But, it is not without potential pitfalls. And if people reach out via social media, they expect a response.

Helping Customers Find You: NAP Consistency
August 04
Local Search and SEO

Many consumers now use the Internet in lieu of a phone directory, which makes internet-based Name, Address and Phone or NAP consistency critical.

6 Ways to Nail Your Blog Promotion Using Social Media
September 23

Let's face it. If your blog posts aren't attracting readers, you're wasting your time. This post explains how to practice blog promotion using social media so you will have readers.

Community Management Tips for Business Owners
September 13

Great community managers must be equal parts shepherd, therapist, court jester and ninja. Here are some tips to help you do your best community management.

YouTube Advertising: The Power of TrueView
September 08

Marketers love using Google AdWords because it can be highly effective. But it can be costly, depending on the industry and keywords used. There’s another tool in your marketing toolbox that might drive better results with your marketing dollars. I’m talking about YouTube advertising.

5 Amazing Short-Form Video Hacks for Social Media
August 31

When you hear news about social media today, you’re hearing about video. Every major social network has added some type of short-form video marketing.

Using Social Media to Enhance Event Marketing
August 29

Although some physical businesses struggle against virtual competitors, event marketing experts see rich rewards from the virtual world, using tools like social media to add value to their business.

A Gamification Primer: Playing Games with Your Customer
September 26
Mobile and Web

You want to attract and retain new customers as a digital marketer or business owner. But classic marketing principles only go so far in our distracted, fast-paced world. That’s why businesses are applying gamification techniques to their marketing in a big way.

Yikes! All Businesses Need A Mobile App? Wait…
September 14
Mobile and Web

Since more than half of all Google searches are mobile, and 90% of mobile time is spent in applications, does your business need a mobile app? Let's review customer and business factors that prove in the value of a mobile application.

Seriously, Your Website Needs Help: 10 Website Tips for a Better First Impression
September 01
Mobile and Web

As digital marketers, we are all so busy working for our clients and sizing up how they are doing online that we don’t take the time to see how we are doing. Today, I’d like to talk about your website. That’s right! Your website probably could use a face lift. Here are 10 quick website updates.

Mobile Gaming Piques Interest with Marketers and Healthcare Fans
August 11
Mobile and Web

Mobile gaming fanatics are suddenly catching rare, imaginary Pokémon creatures in a world where almost nothing seems rare and it is often too real.

Local Search and Micro-Moments: Making Magic in the Moment
August 05
Mobile and Web

Mobile is one of the greatest disruptions in digital marketing, but I’m not focusing on mobile today. Instead let’s explore one of its great side effects – the Micro-Moment, as Google has coined it.

Why Every Business Needs a Newsletter and How to Get Started
September 19
Branding and Marketing

When you think of marketing promotions, a newsletter may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, it can be a great tool for building and nurturing relationships with clients and prospects.

How to Create a Multi-Channel Content Strategy for the Long Tail Effect presented at #BigD16 by Lissa Duty
September 09
Branding and Marketing

Yep, it’s Lissa Duty coming to you live from the 2016 Big Design Conference. Learn how to create a multi-channel content Strategy for the long tail effect.

Social Media Branding: Key Content Goals
September 06
Branding and Marketing

Think about how you want your business to be perceived, and what the content goals are for your social media branding.

4 Quick Personal Brand Tips
August 23
Branding and Marketing

It’s time for all of the cobbler’s children to have shoes. If you’re reading this, you are likely to be a marketer or a small business. You’re apt to be busy, with little time to think about your personal brand.

How to Awaken the Copywriter Within You
August 02
Branding and Marketing

Learn how to awaken the copywriter within you with these tips from Debra Jason.

How to Learn from Your Sales Mistakes
September 21
Business Development

If you’ve been working in sales for at least a day, you have likely made a sales mistake. While we all know that mistakes happen, we do not like to be the reason behind them.

Selfies and Self-Esteem: Using Social to Reach Your Goals
September 12
Business Development

Does social media have more potential to build our self-esteem or to tear it down? Do you use it to set your goals and reach your goals? Or are you discouraged by what you see from others?

Are You Ready to Network?
September 07
Business Development

Do you make an effort to prepare for the networking event, or dash out the door at the last minute? A little preparation goes a long way toward a better meeting and building a stronger network.

5 Tips to Improve Customer Satisfaction
August 30
Business Development

Business success requires planning and the willingness to learn from mistakes—neither of which are easy to accomplish. Try these 5 tips to improve customer satisfaction.

Cold Calling Mistakes to Avoid
August 24
Business Development

Whether it is by phone or door-to-door canvassing, there is a right way and a wrong way to make cold calls to ensure a positive outcome.